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I light of this post, if you're looking for fiction and have not already read her stuff, Ursula LeGuin is a great place to investigate. I hold her in as high regard as most of the participants of this little gnostic enclave regard PKD, but I'm more of a Jungian.

Re: integrating the shadow, you might be interested in Wizard of Earthsea. It's a quick read, deep (although not particularly intense emotionally.)

rev max

a friend of mine often makes a similar point - light doesn't necessarily mean good, dark doesn't necessarily mean bad

great reading btw, i am diggin on yer blog

laura jane

thanks max ! i like your blog too.

yes, that is exactly it -- more of this binary compartmentalizing.. like why should darkness always have to be bad? it's a really simplistic attitude.

slomo, i started reading the wizard of earthsea once, but then i stopped about a third of the way through.. NOT because i didn't like it -- i did. but i put it down because i had to start studying for finals, and i never picked it up again after the end of the semester. i think it's probably time for me to finish it.


Yes, I have found the same thing. Lots of mysteries to be discovered in dark places. Without them we would be undeveloped and incomplete.

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