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occult investigator

divine invasion was the first book of his i read and for that its been one of my favorites. two things i found incredible in that: the bible as a hologram. and the other is the whole thing about the "beside helper" and how they could take your place and feed in a blank record into the cosmic justice machine. but that in order to use the beside-helper, you have to admit you've done wrong. and that whole thing about how strict karma as too harsh, and the beside-helper was a way to "feed mercy into the circuit". it's the single-most elegant and coherent explanation i've ever found of the idea of redemption or the need for surrender to christ.

anyway, amen on all that new age stuff. i think what youre saying about eliminating the vocabulary is supposed to remove the emotion. instead it just makes you really unsure of what the problem is and it wells up in other places where it can be expressed.

ive also always had a problem with people just being so dispassionate in talking about spirituality, which i think a lot of new age material encourages. that plus the whole thing about how its "impolite" to discuss religion at the dinner table, etc. it's stupid. i think that's why its so great to be able to write really erudite stuff about religion and then drop in a "mother-fucker" or "BULLSHIT" to liven things up and bring everybody back to reality in the discussion.

laura jane

YES, the beside-helper thing. YES !! i actually have that part bookmarked -- i was going to quote the whole passage here in a separate post. maybe i'll do that tomorrow morning. when i read that part i was just completely floored and really touched.


yeah that's exactly what i'm talking about, eliminating the vocabulary is confusing and i think it generates anxiety because it causes people (or me at least) to internalize all this toxic stuff.. like for example they say that you shouldn't say "i'm lonely" because when you say that you're reinforcing your own loneliness by DECLARING it to the universe, which is (supposedly) this reactive and all-accomodating entity.

well i STILL say it's better to say "i'm lonely!" than to LIE about it and say you're not when you actually are.. i mean if you apply the same energetic principle wouldn't the universe "know" that you're lying and wouldn't it like reinforce that deception and mirror it back to you?

you can't trick the universe.


i think when Buddhists talk about non-attachement they don't mean not doing the things you want to do. the thing is to be aware of what you are doing and being careful that you are not doing things because of ego. ego wants all sorts of things -- it's a big black hole that can't be filled. being aware of what your real intentions are is the key to avoiding suffering. when "I" want this or "I" want that, then the potential for suffering increases.

there are Buddhists who write books, teach classes, climb mountains, jet ski - i'm sure they wanted to do those things on some level, they just do them with right thinking and action. after all, Buddhism is the middle road - the path of the Everyman, so-to-speak - and that means living life and being in the now.


Good comments. Yeah, I'm suspicious of the always bright and sunny part of new age. I wrote recently about being removed from your ego. It works especially in really tense situations, although I can't tell you how to induce it. By the way, I've started a new blog site (Gnostic in nature) called McCravey...http://enewsblog.com/McCravey/


A woman after my own heart!

You'll notice from my ramblings on homoplasmate that I too consider PKD to be nothing short of a prophet, even despite the fact that he was obviously a little bit crazy (something wise to hold in the back of one's mind when reading his work). In this sentiment you'll find that you and I are a growing number of modern gnostics who feel the same way, and one goal of my professional career as a PhD of gnosticism is to bring his insight and wisdom to as many people's attention as possible.


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