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occult investigator

you think that's crazy, look up the neil horsely online. or wait, maybe its "neal" maybe its not the same person.

(anyway, it seems to remember my personal details now)

laura jane

i googled him.. the name spelling thing is kind of ambiguous.. i can't really tell who's who, but it seems like he might be some kind of psycho anti-abortion nut? not that i think abortion is great.. i think it sucks a lot of the time, but yeah, apparently this guy's crazy.

rev max

Neal (or neil) used to run an anti-abortion site called "Christian gallery" where he had a list called the Nuremburg list of abortion doctors and their home addresses and phone numbers, photographs of them obvioulsy taken in parking lots and lawns, etc. Everytime one got kille dhe would cross a name off the list. A judge forced him to take it down saying it amounted to a hit list and he almost went to prison. He still runs for president on a regular basis though (or governor, cant remember)

laura jane

holy crap batman! what a miserable soul. that makes his hate note seem like a mighty fine example of projection.

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