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as dark and depressing as it is, i still think Maze of Death is one of Dick's best books...it's so bizarre!

if you care to get away from P K D for a while, Little Big by John Crowley is a great novel -- it's all about the fairy world.


Yeah, the Divine Invasion is pretty good.. as is the Maze of Death. My favorites, however, are Ubik, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich, and A Martian Time Slip.


I realliy liked Dick's attempt to enter the percetual world of autism (Martian Time-Slip).

I enjoyed the Transmigration of Timothy Archer for the juxtaposition of the outside view of a person feeling they are in contact with the divine. It's almost a psychological exercise. He's self analyzing after VALIS.

Repeatedly in VALIS he refers to how impossible it is for people to believe that extraordinary events occur within their mysts. Hell, he even believed that he was subconsciously arranging his entire body of work into mythological allegories. The man was certainly well read.

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