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occult investigator

Great stuff. I started to write a big response, but I'm just gonna do it on my site, cause I was just going to have to rehash it there anyway....

occult investigator

Oh, I know the other thing this made me think of: A Scanner Darkly. That's all about compartmentalization, and I love how the end of it is basically this like totally necessary destruction of the compartments and this ambiguous freedom that results...

(PS. Once again, this site won't seem to remember when I type in my personal details to write a comment)

laura jane

that's weird about the personal data thing, thanks for reminding me. typepad is kind of hard to nagivate so i'm not really sure where to begin in terms of getting that fixed. maybe i'll just email them now.

yeah, you are totally right about scanner. i think i should probably re-read that soon. another thing that comes to mind is odysseus and the sirens just because they're this really intoxicating, destructive distraction from what's really important.


> Woo!

you can say that again, sister. great stuff.

Jason Bradfield

I found your site from Tim's.

Compartmentalization may be a result of socioeconomic specialization. I think specialization has arisen because because it is an evoluationarily successful social strategy.

In other words in ancient times the highly specialized, command and control tribe would always beat and conqueor the generalist, consensus oriented tribe.

Through cultural (and perhaps genetic) evolution people have been conditioned to compartmentalize. For better or worse this destroys their individuality. I think the key to many spiritual traditions is learning to break free from this cultural programming and to help others do so too.

I understand your criticism of the elites, but I fear that that the language you use tends to place too much blame on the shoulders of individual human beings and not enough on the system.

I think it is better to think of a particular "system" as exploiting humans and the Earth as opposed to the supposed beneficiaries of that system.

laura jane

thanks for your comments jason. i know what you mean about the system exploiting the humans, and i think that is a very good point.

the language i use, however, is the language i use!! you know? that's my voice.

i am NOT "blaming" individuals, but i AM calling them out.


Very nicely written!

I found this site because someone in the Noble Realms forum linked to the Tim Boucher site which has a link to here.

Just wanted to let people here know about http://forum.noblerealms.org/
because similar issues are explored.

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