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The Brooke

You are one ambitious girl. I wish you happy trails on your new path!

I have a different personality that requires a bit of a different path. Not the 'baby steps' path, but not the all-at-once path either. I'm still figuring that out, actually.

I've tried doing the complete overhaul of my habits and lifestyle all at once, many times, and it always ends me up in a bad emotional state where I feel overwhelmed and trapped in a self-imposed double-bind. I've learned to set compelling goals but more realistic expectations and game plans for achieving them. It's not something I'm perfect at by any means, but it feels like I'm on the right track with that approach. It seems to suit my particular set of idiosyncrasies. :)

I admire what you're doing and your determination, and the values that are clearly behind the particular changes you're making.

Just reserve the right to change your mind or to make adjustments when something turns out not to be realistic. I used to be afraid to do this because I assumed that I was just making excuses as soon as things started to get tough. That is sometimes the case, but not always, and you have to give yourself the freedom to make that call, and then trust your own judgment.

This may all be common sense to you, but it wasn't for me, and maybe it isn't. Why else am I feeling compelled to write this comment?

Anyway, bottom line: something along the lines of "you go girl" but without actually reducing myself to saying "you go girl."

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